Secrets on How to Stop Homework Procrastination

Homework procrastination is common amongst students. As a student, you might have procrastinated on doing your homework for one reason or another; you wouldn’t be the first. For most students, the cause of procrastinating homework is usually fear. On the other hand, some procrastinate because it’s become a part of them.

While homework procrastination is a common practice, it still affects academic performance. Procrastinating means finishing late and sometimes missing deadlines which affects school grades. To successfully handle constant procrastination and complete your homework assignment on time, here are secrets to follow.

Procrastination and homework: how to start homework and finish successfully

Many students find homework assignments very exhausting and often overwhelming. The result is neglecting homework assignments for fear of facing it. While it can be challenging to focus on homework, it’s possible to face them head-on without procrastinating. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Join a study group: Study groups are a helpful way to do your homework without procrastination. The fun thing about study groups is it involves people putting heads together. If the assignment turns out to be challenging, exhausting, or scary, you’ll all figure it out together.
  • Break the assignment down: This works if you’re working on a term paper or project. Instead of juggling the entire assignment at once and getting overwhelmed and,l procrastinating, break it down. Divide the workload into halves and attend to them one after the other.
  • Always time yourself: Timing yourself for an assignment does not mean hurrying to finish an assignment. When you set a timeframe, it gives you a sense of urgency. When you’re alert to your set time, it keeps you grounded while doing the assignment.
  • Disconnect, unplug from distraction: Being distracted will stop you from finishing your assignment. Since the goal is to complete your task on time, disconnect from devices or things that’d consume your attention.
  • Seek help: Seeking help when you find your assignment difficult is an essential step to stopping procrastination. Instead of neglecting the work, seek help from family, friends, or professionals.
  • Be goal-oriented: Being goal-oriented works when you’re doing an assignment. When your goal is to finish your assignment, somehow, your mindset will be programmed to finish it.
  • Practice self-discipline: Self-discipline is necessary when you’re doing your assignment. Without discipline, you won’t feel the need to do anything. To avoid procrastination of homework, discipline yourself to finish the task. If possible, create self-implemented rewards and consequences that motivate you to complete your assignment in time.

How to stop procrastinating on homework

When it comes to procrastination, it sometimes feels impossible to avoid. Students often ignore tips on avoiding procrastination because it’s common sense. The trick to stopping procrastination is knowing it’s common sense that should always be applied for positive results.

Here are common but practical tips on how to stop homework procrastination:

  1. Identify your productivity cycle. When are you most productive?
  2. Choose a comfortable environment for your homework
  3. Avoid distractions of every form
  4. Break your tasks down into tiny bits
  5. Draw a comprehensive homework outline
  6. Rest to prepare yourself for the homework
  7. Set flexible but concrete goals
  8. Set a reward
  9. Break your homework down into milestones
  10. Use a timer
  11. Have an accountability partner
  12. Remember the importance of doing your homework
  13. Follow the Pomodoro technique (25 minutes work, 5 minutes break)
  14. Avoid the fear of missing out
  15. Break down your work into realistic and achievable steps
  16. Always start with the hardest
  17. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, try to enjoy the process of learning something new
  18. Visualize the benefit of a finished homework
  19. Avoid fear of facing your homework
  20. Avoid self-sabotage when doing your homework
  21. Understand the importance of doing a homework
  22. Reset your mindset. Avoid seeing your homework as a difficult task
  23. Make doing your homework feel rewarding and exciting
  24. Start slow but steady
  25. Stay motivated while doing your homework
  26. Fight the urge to stay lazy


When it comes to preventing homework procrastination, the ball falls on the individual’s court and may seem impossible. However, killing procrastination homework entirely isn’t completely impossible. The trick is to always take it one day at a time.